How to replace a tire valve stem without special tools

Preparing to break something

You really think that board will support the weight of a car?

If your car tire is losing air from the valve stem, what do you do? You have to push the bead off the rim somehow, but it isn’t easy. I tried pushing the bead off the rim by jumping on it, hitting it with a sledge, and throwing the tire sideways against the ground, but it wouldn’t budge.

Here’s how I finally got access to the other side of the rim to change the valve stem:

Using lumber and a car to break the bead

The tire moved about half way there before the board snapped, but in the end I did get the job done.

2 thoughts on “How to replace a tire valve stem without special tools

    1. david Post author

      That would be a smarter way to do it! I don’t think my jack would lift the car high enough for that, though.


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